Admiral Seymour Elementary School
Admiral Seymour Elementary School.jpg
1130 Keefer Street
Vancouver, BC, V6A 1Z3
School Number
School Board School District 39 Vancouver
Superintendent Thomas Grant
Area Trustee Allen Blakey
Principal Margaret Jorgensen
Vice Principal Lani Morgan
School Type Elementary School
Grades K-7
Neighbourhood Strathcona
Downtown Eastside
Years Active 1900-present
Enrolment 157 (2007)

Admiral Seymour Elementary School is a public elementary school in Vancouver. It is located on Keefer Street in the Strathcona neighbourhood.


The school was named after Sir Edward Hobart Seymour, a British Naval officer who took part in the capture of Canton.

Seymour Elementary consists of two buildings. Construction on the first building began in 1900 and finished in 1901. The second building was built in 1907. At the same time when the school was open to elementary school students, Britannia Secondary School classes took part in the school's building in 1908 until 1910, when they were moved to a new building.

Back then, most students still attended Lord Strathcona Elementary School even though Seymour was one block away from their homes because of the trains that were always coming. In the 1970s, four mothers of children that go to Seymour protested that the train shouldn't come 30 minutes before the school bell rang. They won and agreed with the government to build a bridge over the train tracks so that they could go to school. After that happened, Seymour started to have a rivalry to see which would get more students.

Notable Alumni[]

  • Jimmy Mclarnin - Former World's Welterweight Boxing Champion